Friday, August 26, 2011

Technology is Depressing... I mean, uh, Wonderful!

I don't understand Twitter. 

I made one yesterday to try and follow agents and debut authors.  I was horrified to know that there are e-mail alerts involved whenever you follow someone.  It made me feel like a stalker, even though the agencies have a "Follow me on Twitter!" button on their websites.

Some have been nice enough to follow me back, even though I have absolutely no posts--after all, what should I say to my handful of random followers?  I'd feel as if I were randomly talking to myself.

Then, comes the Yahoo Mail app on my Droid.  I'm beginning to regret installing it, but I don't want to be out-of-the-loop at work.  What if I get a promising e-mail and need to view it immediately?

Too bad every time I hear the Mail alert go off, I think, "Oh, there's another rejection."  Or Twitter alert.  I need to turn those off, but haven't for the same reason I haven't uninstalled the app.

However misleading this post may seem, I haven't given up hope!  I know someone will like my idea--which is a dystopian take on Beauty and the Beast; did I ever mention that?--and if they don't, I'll just move on to the next project. 

Speaking of which, I'm currently in the middle of another YA manuscript, GUARDIAN.  I'm pretty excited about it! 

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